Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Accessories for Motorcycle Riders

We have all seen them, admired them and wished we were them. Who am I talking about? Motorcycle Riders, in which, many aim to be just like them.

Many are inspired to purchase a motorcycle and become a rider; however, it's important to know the most important factor in riding a motorcycle. Safety! That's right. Whether you know it or not driving a motorcycle is a lot different from driving a car and the safety methods are on another playing field.
I want to take a look at the most important pieces every motorcycle rider should possess. Knowing the proper gear is essential to safe riding and makes it more enjoyable when you are fully prepared.

The Helmet. The helmet is the piece of gear that protects you from sustaining any head injuries in case of an accident. Helmets come in all shapes, designs and sizes. There are helmets for children and adults. When you're buying a helmet you must make sure that you get one that is not loose or too tight. Your helmet should cover the head and face. The helmet can also provide you with some type of hearing protection from the wind.

The Eye Protection. The eye protection can vary depending on what type of helmet you have. Riding without something covering your eyes is an epic fail. Just like cars get window chips and or cracks, imagine something like that happening your eyes. Proper eye protection means using an approved shield. You can talk to any rider or sales person in a store that sells motorcycle gear on the best options for you.

The Jacket. The jacket can protect you in case you fall and slide off the bike. You can purchase various styles of jackets in several types of material, such as, denim, nylon in its various guises, corduroy, and leather. The hide of a cow, or any other commonly used leather. So, you must decide on which you prefer.

The Pants. The pants should be made of a thick material, such as leather, because they resist abrasions and provide protection from the elements. Besides, you've seen the movies with the guy who gets all of the girls at the local diner because he's dressed with signature leather pants.

The Gloves. Gloves are always a smart idea. In the event that some flies towards you in the air you will have the protection you need to block or swat it away if possible. Also, if you have to jump off the bike or you fall, you will have something to protect your hands.

The Boots. This is an optional item to have and wear. Although, you recognize a motorcycle rider by the gear they wear (Jacket, Pants, Helmet, Etc.) you still want to protect yourself. Rubber soled shoes with a good tread design can give you better gripping capabilities. You want to avoid boots with a smooth or slippery sole.

The Rain Gear. When it rains it pours. That's the popular saying that we have heard for generations. Rain gear is an important piece to have as well. It's seems very trivial, however, you don't want to be caught in the rain without it while riding.

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