Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Motorcycle Luggage Bags for Rookies

Motorcycles are one of the most commonly used modes of travelling these days. As with any other transportation, bikers also have luggage to carry with them. With the absence of luggage compartments in a bike, luggage bags are the only way to take your cargo with you. They have some considerable capacity to hold items from a small diary to a bowling ball. If you don't have a motorcycle luggage bag, you'll eventually need one in the near future.

There are many different types of luggage bags for bikes. There's a bag for almost every place available on the bike to store luggage. So, determine the type of luggage you're planning to take before buying bags.

The most commonly used luggage bags are saddlebags. These have come all the way from the days of horse carriages. Don't worry as these are different for bikes and come according to the needs of the biker. There are two types: Hard and Soft. Hard saddlebags are moulded into a trunk like shape and mounted on both sides of the rear wheel. They are lockable and add up to the overall look of your ride with extra brake lights. Soft saddlebags on the other hand aren't solid like the hard ones, but still they have a traditional shape.

Tool bags are there for keeping your bike's tools with you. As tools are heavy, these bags are made of heavy duty nylon or leather to carry the weight of tools. They're mounted on the fork of the bike sometimes, but usually they are strapped on the seat behind the driver. They have compartments and internal straps for classifying tools within the bag.

If you need to keep small items like cameras, road maps, sunglasses and a small diary, then windshield bags are made specifically for this purpose. They find their place in between the dashboard and windshield and offer easy accessibility to small but sometimes urgent things. You would waste a lot of time searching for them if they were stashed in any other larger bag instead of the windshield bag.

For carrying perhaps the most luggage, you would find a sissy bar bag helpful. These bags are mounted to the sissy bar or passenger backrests nf the bike and are quite large. With the tower bag, comes a roll bag on top. You could quite easily take a few days' food or camping equipment in them.

There are then trunk bags to give you all the features of sissy bar bags plus lock ability. They are constructed of heavy duty ABS Plastic, giving them a solid shape. With the high quality finishing, they give a glossy look, adding extra style to the bike. They are ideal for keeping breakable things like a full face helmet, net books, external hard drives, etc.

Getting the right motorcycle luggage bag to fit your needs depends on your knowledge of its features, pros and cons. A more informed decision would increase the chances of getting the right type of bag.

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