Friday, March 30, 2012

Manufacturing Material of Motorcycle Jackets

or shine there's nothing that can keep a biking enthusiast off the track. Biking is an addiction which keeps calling you back. If you too are one of those; then you know what we are talking about. You may also have some collection of biking gear that keeps you protected through those accidents and slips. However, not all kinds of materials are suitable under any kind of weather. While motorcyclists are more commonly seen wearing nylon or leather motorcycle jackets, each of them has some limitation.

Some bikers strictly follow weather conditions and change their protective clothing according to what type of day it is going to be. On the other hand, there are several such bikers who do not care much; all they want is to be able to ride. It is all about individual preference which may vary from one person to another. No matter which motorcycle jackets you like the best, just make sure they are tailored to perfection so that they can protect you from accidents and painful injuries.

Here's a brief description of two main kinds of motorcycle jackets that are available. Regardless of the weather, pick one in which you feel the most comfortable.

1. Nylon:

One of the primary reasons why people prefer nylon made motorcycle jacket over leather made is because of its durability. Whether you're purchasing motorcycle jackets for men or motorcycle jackets for women, you will notice that unlike any other fabric nylon is water-resistant. Not many bikers love being soaked up while they are riding a bike. Nylon not only doesn't absorb water at all, it also shows resistance to abrasions. The fabric is quite durable.

2. Leather:

Most motorcyclists can be seen riding a bike wearing leather motorcycle jackets. As much as leather is a favorite protective clothing among bikers it isn't as resistant as nylon. Moreover, some people find leather to be too expensive for them to buy. Well, it's true that leather is a premium material, but you also feel value for money especially if you purchase one which is well-tailored. Leather as a material may not be water resistant, but when using it as sportswear material special care is taken to keep out wind, add heavy padding to protect against abrasions and to seal it properly in order to make it water-resistant.
Your preference may also change when it's too hot or too cold. Some people feel stuffy wearing a leather jacket. Whether you ride out of fun or you have taken it up as a profession, be sure that you purchase the right motorcycling gear. There are different varieties of biker jackets available. Visit your nearest store, try out some of them and see for yourself in which you feel the most comfortable. Regardless of the fact that you pick a nylon or leather jacket; do ensure that you check out the seams carefully. You will not want to be fidgeting with your gear while you're riding a bike. Therefore, if you're yet to purchase your protective clothing or want to replace your existing one gather as much information as you can and then head to a store.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How to Sell Your Motorcycle

Do Your Research

You want to get as much as you can for your motorcycle but don't want to price yourself out of the market. It is worth searching on auto websites or in the classifieds to compare what similar models are being sold for.

Take Great Pictures

When looking through the classifieds people will look at the price, age, make and model of your motorcycle, but what will really catch the eye of the consumer is a great picture. It goes without saying that any pictures should show your motorcycle to be clean, polished and against a suitable background. If your advert allows you to take a number of pictures get close ups of particular features that will help your sale. Add a detailed description to the advert providing all the necessary information including mileage, extra features and consideration.

As well as makhng sure that your bike looks good it is just as important that it starts first time as well. Make sure that the battery is full and the connection has not eroded; if your machine fails to start first time don't expect to make a sale.

Have previous receipts ready

If you have had any extra features added, or your machine has had regular services keep any documentation and have them ready when meeting the potential buyer. Proof of a good service history and any added features will help to prove the worth of your vehicle and encourage a quick sale.

Meeting Potential Buyers

It is always better to be safe than sorry when meeting potential buyers. If possible don't meet someone on your own and never disclose the location of where the vehicle is stored. There have been incidents of a meeting between a buyer and a seller where the motorcycle was not sold but was then stolen at a later date. Try to meet in a neutral location if you can.

Test Rides

If you are allowing a potential buyer to test ride your motorcycle make sure that they show you their license and that they are qualified to ride your model. Also be sure that they are wearing the correct protective equipment and approved helmet.

Making the Sale

Having done your research you should have a good idea as to the true market value of your vehicle. Set your price at the high end of market, you can always negotiate down from their. Have a fixed minimum price in your head and do not go below this during the any negotiations. Just because one particular buyer is not prepared to pay the asking price does not mean that another enthusiast won't. When accepting payment make sure that the funds are cleared and in your account before relinquishing possession of the bike. Remember to check any side bags or under seat compartments to ensure that you have removed all of your personal belongings.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Motocross Graphics Kit

When you are the owner of a KTM dirt bike, motocross or trail bike, in order for you to look differently from all the others ,here is a quick tip. Well a good place to start is buying your own personal set of graphics. Should you be thinking about buying a motorbike decal, consider searching online for ideas and samples of the graphics available. There are many businesses that will take custom orders although not all. You will find a lot of the layouts that you are looking for including wings, skulls, animals of all kinds and a heap of different fonts for the lettering.

When you are deciding on a motorbike graphic, you should first measure the area where you want to place the graphic on your bike. This will help in making sure that the graphic will actually fit on your bike. Next, you need to read any installation instructions before you buy the graphic, just to make certain you will be installing the graphic in the correct way.

You should try to find graphics that are thick enough to resist wear. Graphics that are at least 20mm thick will give the best results. Some bikers even purchase clear sheets to place over their graphic kits to get them to last longer. Depending on how much you ride and, how and where you ride, your graphics will eventually start to wear. Choosing quality dirt bike graphic kits to start with, will help you get the most life out of them.

From the time you obtain your KTM Graphics, you have to determine if you're planning to put the graphics on your motorbike yourself, or seek the assistance of an expert to fit them on for you. If you have poorly attached graphics on your bike from then on your motorbike will look crappy. Luckily there are lots of videos online that can give you tips about how to apply your graphics. When you follow the videos and you use a hair dryer when fitting a new or removing an old graphic on your motorbike,then you're doing the right thing. Graphics are usually very durable, but one important point is, to make sure you prepare the surface correctly.

Putting graphics on your bike will be worth the hard work of putting them on since the smaller scratches on your motorbike are going to be covered by the graphics. But you should change badly damaged plastics prior to applying graphics. It is also wise to have a look at all your plastic cover for cuts or damage. If they are badly damaged, it is better to replace the plastics.

In a sport with many participants, an image enables you to build fan recognition, which will help attract sponsors. They are always looking to make investments in not only the top riders but also the most recognizable riders.

The motorcycle graphics are printed on high tack adhesive vinyl with a clear laminate for added protection. They look great and can withstand the sun, wind, and rain for many years, but crashes are something else. There are many dirt bike graphic kits to choose from these days.

If the bike has stock stickers, you have to remove them completely before applying the new ones, even if the new ones completely cover the old ones. Soap and water can be used, but you may need to use alcoholic spirits to get the stickers off completely. After removal of the old sticker get some hot water and soap and rub your dirt bike plastics like you have never been cleaned before, then rinse and dry thoroughly. They have to be completely clean.

Your friends will come in handy when the time comes to apply your new graphics, especially when fitting the larger decals. Work the sticker a little at a time, one of you peeling the backing and the other folding it under the graphic until you are sure everything lines up perfectly.

Carefully work any air bubbles out from under the sticker with a clean rag. Gently heating the section of the graphic you are fitting to the bike with a hair dryer can help soften it and make it easier to work with. If you end up with an air bubble too large to work out, you can pop it with a sharp pin and then proceed to smooth it out.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Everything You Would Need to Know About Motorcycle Tyres

The motorcycle is an important asset as it is a costly investment. It is therefore important to ensure that all the parts are in good shape at all times. This includes the tyres. Motorcycle tyres need to be in good shape at all times as they have several heavy duties. First of all, they are meant to support the motorcycle when it is parked and leaning on its side and when the rider is on it. The tyre is also meant to give suspension action enabling you to ride on bad roads. These two processes have an effect on tire pressure and the overall lifespan of the tyre. In order to ensure that your motorcycle tyres last for as long as possible, you need to consider a few things.

First of all, have a general idea of how long you wish to own the motorcycle and how much mileage will it have covered by the time you dispose it. This will help you spend the necessary money needed to be spent. This means for example, if you intend to use the motorcycle for just a month and cover a mileage of 200, there is no need to spend on tyres that can cover a mileage of up to 1000.

You also need to consider the type of riding. Motorcycles are used for different reasons. Some are mainly for racing while others are for normal and casual driving. Obviously, tyres needed for a racing motorcycle will be more expensive than that for normal use. You can always check the manual of the motorcycle to see what the recommended rating is. You can even ask the retailer. This tyre should also be able to support the amount of luggage you intend to subject it to so that you avoid compromising on speed and proper weight support.

Consider your budget. The amount you spend on the tire should be slightly above your budget if need be. However, if possible, try to keep it as low as you can but still get quality tires. As you decide on price, remember that if you sacrifice on quality, the price ends up being expensive as per the number of replacements you have to make.

A good motorcycle has to be properly balanced. This means that when you replace the tyres, have it done in pairs. The main reason for this is that the pressure and girth on an old tyre is definitely not the same as that of a new one. This can be very risky in some instances. However, do not buy more tyres than you need.

Buying new tyres for your motorcycle can be expensive depending on where you buy them. Dealers are usually expensive as they sell only original ones, which are expensive. In addition to this, they charge a lot of money for balancing and mounting. If your motorcycle is for professional uses, it is best to use dealers. However, if you are an average person, the tyre shop down the street will work for you.

Monday, March 5, 2012

06 Essential Motorcycle Maintenance Tips

It cannot be denied that recently motorcycles have gained much popularity. Unlike other modes of transportation, motorcycles are cheaper and more convenient to use. But just like any other motor vehicle, to own and drive a motorbike requires caution and mindfulness on the road; safety should always be your number one priority. However, to achieve this, you will need to learn how to maintain and preserve your own bike's engine. Well-maintained bikes give you the assurance that your engine will work at its best. It is not true that motorcycles require less maintenance than cars. It is a huge advantage for every motorcyclist to know practical ways on how to maintain and keep your bikes efficiently running.

Motorcycle maintenance is not all about enhancing your engine's performance. The following are a few tips on how you can achieve your goal of a perfectly-running motorcycle.

First: Remember to have your bike checked regularly by a certified mechanic. The owner of a well-maintained motorcycle knows how to observe motorcycle parts. A regular check-up on all the essential parts and supplies like brakes, tires, oil, batteries, chains, and even fuel should be a necessity.

Second: Love your tires. They are the only things that separate you from the road, in more ways than one. Keep your tires well-inflated. Tires play a very important role hn motorcycles. Prevent them from being under-inflated to reduce the chances of blow outs or flat tires. Always keep a tire pressure gauge handy while riding. Proper motorcycle maintenance requires that you replace your tires at the first sign of excessive wear or cracking.

Third: Check your brake fluid level regularly. If you notice that the level is low repeatedly have your entire brake system checked.

Fourth: Regularly lubricate your engine. Remember to change oil every 2000 kms. In line with this, you should also regularly lubricate your chain, shaft drives, and belts.

Fifth: Keep batteries charged. A well-charged battery prevents wear on your starter or excessive starting attempts. Batteries are ideally maintained on a quarterly basis.

Sixth: Do not forget to gas up! Remember to keep your bike fueled for without fuel your bike will never run. Do not let the fuel level drop too low as this will cause your fuel filter to clog with the debris that is often found at the bottom of gas tanks.