Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Harley Helmets Sefety

Harley-Davidson helmets are an excellent choice when it comes to motorcycle safety. Many things can be used to ensure the safety of the rider, but the helmet is the most important piece of equipment that a rider can wear. Harley-Davidson helmets provide some of the best protection and at the same time are very comfortable for the rider to wear and come in many stypes and styles to choose from so there is sure a helmet to fit your needs.

Harley helmets are created with some of the most advanced materials and designs to enhance your safety on the road and also look great too. Harley offers many helmets that offer a large array of features that are sure to fit your needs. Even though Harley-Davidson helmets look great and are designed for comfort and style, they never forget to keep safety of the rider and the number one concern when they design these helmets.

Harley helmets have four distinct components which make them safe and also meet Department of Transportation guidlines. A rigid outer shell is used as the primary source for protection, an Expanded Polystyrene liner which has impact absorbing qualities, padding to ensure that the helmet is comfortable, and a retention system that ensures a proper fit and is also adjustable to have a unique fit.

To explain a little bit about four layers and their uses we'll first start with the rigid outer shell. This part of the helmet is one of the most important aspects of every helmet Harley-Davidson makes. It is very strong but also flexible depending on model which resists against penetration in the event of a collision. Second, the Expanded Polystyrene layer is made from specially formulated materials which absorb energy and force that act as a shield to deter this energy away from the rider's head. Next, there are a few layers of padding. The padding not only aids in giving the helmet a snug fit, but it also aids with the Polystyrene liner to absorb impact and shock. Lastly, there is a retention system that every Harley helmet has. This retention system is designed differently from helmet to helmet and it makes sure that the helmet has a great fit and doesn't let the helmet move from front to back. This retention system is adjustable and should always be fastened.

Now that you understand the four major components that go into each and every Harley helmet, we can talk about the four basic types of helmets that are available.

   1. Thermoplastic helmets- These are made from a single layer or thermoplastic which offers the lease amount of protection, but is the most comfortable fit. They are a bit heavier than other helmets because more padding and impact layers are used to ensure safety.

   2. Fiberglass helmets, The shell on these helmets are made from fiberglass. Fiberglass is extremely light and strong so this is a popular choice for a rider who wants a lighter helmet.

   3. Hybrid Ultra-Light helmets- Made from Aramid reinforced fiberglass that are mixed with a resin which provide an even stronger helmet than the regular fiberglass

   4. Carbon Kevlar Helmets- Harley-Davidson's most advanced and strongest helmet offered. It is reinforced with Kevlar which achieve the greatest possible strength while keeping the helmet very lightweight.

In conclusion, Harley-Davidson helmets are sleek, stylish, use advanced technology but most importantly are some of the safest helmets you can buy. Motorcycle safety should be the number one concern when riding and using a Harley helmet is a great start.

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